10 August 2015

What I'm packing for two weeks in Belgium - Clothes

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Like I said in my previous packing post, I've only flown internationally twice. I feel like I did a bad job packing for both trips, but I'm very happy with what I'm taking along this time. My first trip was to England and I can't remember what I took along, but I know it was too much. I borrowed a huge backpacking backpack and I distinctly remember being very unhappy when I was carrying that heavy bag. My second trip was to Thailand three years ago. I only took along a small backpack, but after reading about clothes being lost at the laundromats, I took clothes I didn't like very much. Now when I look back at those photos I wish I'd taken along nicer clothes.

My backpack. It's quite small, so I had to take lots of things off my list to make it all fit. I could've packed a lot more if I took a regular carry on size suitcase, but I wanted to be able to easily carry everything myself.

In the past few years I have learned a lot about minimalism and I've read so much packing advice while planning this trip. After putting together the basic list a few months ago, I noticed that those items are what I wear most so I know I'll be happy wearing them while I'm away. I'm only taking one backpack and I'll be using another backpack over there for day trips. One of the backpacks can be checked in on my trip home so I'll have space for souvenirs.

My handbag to take on the plane and use on the trip.

I'm planning on doing laundry midway through the trip, so I'm taking enough for half of the trip plus one day. Something I never see mentioned in travel articles is the fact that the clothes you're wearing while doing laundry won't be washed. If you're washing clothes in your room as you go along it makes sense, but I'll be taking everything to a laundromat at once. I don't travel often, so I don't have quick drying clothes and will need to use a tumble dryer. (At home our clothes are line dried). It's also strange that so many lists and outfit examples use only a few shirts to mix and match. I don't know about you guys, but after a whole day of walking around I'm going to be sweaty and need a clean shirt the next day.

I'm not planning on going anywhere fancy, so my clothes are really basic and casual. I'm taking one dress that can be dressed upped and I'm going to wear it on laundry day so my jeans can be washed. I've checked weather predictions and historical temperature averages for the time I'll be there, but I'm still nervous about being too hot or cold. I have one warm outer jacket, a few lightweight warmer layers and t-shirts as a base. Hopefully I'll be warm enough outside and be able to take off layers in heated buildings and when the weather changes. The temperatures seem to vary between low and high 20's (℃) so I have a few long sleeved t-shirts too. In an emergency I can always buy something warmer there.

My flannel shirt is going along for a few reasons:

  1. It's a very comfortable warmer layer.
  2. It will be a nice change when I'm bored with the t-shirt and sweater look.
  3. Martinus gave it too me so I'll also wear it when I'm homesick.

Clothes for 16 days in Autumn:

1 Warm jacket with removable hood.

2 Cardigans

2 Lightweight sweaters

9 T-shirts (3 Long sleeved)

Flannel shirt

2 Stretchy skinny jeans (This is what I wear almost every day and they're thinner than regular jeans)

1 Grey dress


Heat generating leggings

PJ bottoms (I'll sleep in the t-shirt I wore that day)

9 Panties

3 Bras

9 Pairs of socks

2 Pairs of shoes

Slipper socks


2 Beanies (My ears get really cold)

3 Scarves

1 Necklace

A few decorative bobby pins

Day pack

Large handbag

Small handbag

And that's all. I really wanted to take photos of my clothes, but I didn't have time so I might update this post in the future. It's really basic items with the same basic outfit each day, but I really like seeing capsule wardrobes.


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