31 August 2015

Mango with coconut sticky rice.

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Martinus and I have been telling each other that we need to make mango with sticky rice ever since we visited Thailand three years ago. This year we finally got around to it while mangoes were still in season. I used this easy recipe from The Kitchn.

The first time I followed the recipe exactly. The rice is steamed and there's two different sauces, one is mixed into the rice and one is thicker and goes on top. After that I made a few changes and it was delicious each time. I couldn't get hold of Thai sticky rice, but sushi rice works just as well. I also used black rice a few times. I left out the sauce that goes on top several times and didn't miss it at all. This recipe is so easy that I even made it for breakfast a few times.

If you love mango and sticky rice or you want to try a new exotic dessert, try this recipe.


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