22 July 2015

Lavish skincare review

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I turned 29 this year and my skin is at that irritating stage where I still get teenage breakouts, but it's also getting drier. I've been struggling to find the right products for my skin's changing needs. Most of the richer moisturisers I've tried also blocked my pores.

I found Lavish by looking at the Beauty Without Cruelty Humane Guide. They're a local company making high quality, affordable products with no animal products. I've been using the day cream and night cream for a few months. I'm at the end of my first tub of night cream so I have tested it thoroughly.

Where Lavish really differs from other brands is their limited product range. There's a daily face cream, exfoliator, intensive night cream, facial cleanser and body cream This might sound like a negative thing, but in fact it's great to have a product that really works for each use without having to worry about picking the right one for your skin type. In the past I always used products for oily skin, but now most products are only aimed at one aspect of my skincare needs.

The Lavish moisturisers have been the perfect solution for me. They give my skin the extra moisture it needs, but also prevents outbreaks. I've used them in winter and summer so I know they work year round.

The Beautiful Day daily face cream has a light musky scent and leaves my skin matte. The Sweet Dreams intensive night cream has a deeper fruity scent and feels more nourishing. It leaves my face more shiny than the day cream, but it doesn't feel greasy or heavy on my skin.

So if you live in South Africa and you're looking for good quality products that make your skin look and feel great, try Lavish.


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