25 May 2015

Birthdays, travel and teeth.

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It was my 29th birthday two weeks ago. I think this was the first time in my life that I wasn't really excited about having a birthday and it had nothing to do with my age. Well, not directly anyway. Most years I plan a party and what type of cake I want for weeks in advance, but this year I just wanted to finish my work and relax afterwards. My priorities have changed as I've gotten older and this year getting on with my normal life seemed more appealing than a day of baking and eating cake. In the end I had a joined birthday party with one of my friends.

My trip to Belgium is slowly getting closer. I received my Schengen visa on my birthday and it was a great surprise. Going overseas alone is exciting, but I'm starting to get really nervous too. I'm trying to plan ahead as much as possible so that there's less to worry about. I won't have a detailed itinerary, but I want to have the lightest backpack I can manage. Each time I've had a sore muscle or carried a heavy bag during the past few weeks I reminded myself not to take along more than I have to.

I had a tooth pulled last week and I forgot how long it takes to recover from that. It's not nearly as painful as when I had my wisdom teeth removed surgically last year, but it hasn't been fun. It reminded me that I never shared my post about vegan foods to eat after a tooth extraction. Now that I'm experiencing it again I will finish the post soon.

This post has been all over the place, so let's just blame it on the painkillers ;)


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