27 March 2015

Blog update

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Photo by Dominik Martin

I had no idea how long it's been since my last post until I started writing this. I knew I was a bit behind, but when I checked the last post I was sure something had gone wrong with the date settings. I mentioned on Facebook last week that I had recovered from my cold and would be back soon. That didn't happen.

But I'm back and I even changed my blog design. I've been helping Martinus with some things and discovered that there are so many beautiful free blog templates. I found a few I loved, but when I tested them they all had little problems that I couldn't solve. I ended up with this pretty template and after a bit of adjustment it's exactly what I wanted. My knowledge of html code is very limited, but I'm good at looking things up and not afraid of trying out something I know nothing about. You can always use the "undo" function. :)

I'm planning a clearance sale for my Etsy shop because I don't have time to sew anymore now that we've started Terrapin and Toad. In fact I haven't sewn a new bag in two years and I still have many stored in my studio. I'm hoping I'll find some time for personal sewing projects in the future though.

I want to keep writing, but I have some chores to finish up so hopefully I will (really) be back with a new post next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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