02 February 2015

Banana oatmeal cookies

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I've been craving cookies for a few weeks now, but the craving only became strong enough for me to act on last weekend. Shop bought cookies can only satisfy you for so long before you just have to get up off the couch and bake something. Luckily I found a really easy banana oatmeal cookie recipe and I didn't have to spend too much time in the kitchen over the weekend.

I added half a cup each of pecan nuts, dried cranberries and dark chocolate to the cookies and this combination was perfect. The cookies were especially good right after I baked them because the chocolate was still slightly soft. You can use either a half or whole cup of sugar in this recipe. I only used half a cup and I think more would have made the cookies much too sweet.

I love these cookies and I'll definitely make them again. They are chewy and have crunchy, sweet, chocolatey pieces. They're also more filling than regular cookies and I couldn't eat more than a few at a time despite wanting to.