02 December 2014

Treasure Tuesday #67 (Arzberg Künstlerkollektion mug)


I haven't done one of these posts in a long time. I have been avoiding charity shops for the most part because I always seem to find something and I'm trying very hard to scale down. I go about once a month now and while I do usually buy something, I'm a lot stricter with myself and I haven't bought any clothes. I put a lot more thought into deciding if I really need and will use something and whether I have space for it since our house feels very full lately. We have been feeling that we need more space to work, but we came up with a plan to move things around and hopefully make it a bit more comfortable for ourselves.

Part of trying to create more space is getting rid of unnecessary things around the house. I unpacked my summer clothes over the weekend and during this process I also ended up filling 5 trash bags with clothes to donate. Luckily most of these where from charity shops to start with, so I didn't waste too much money on them. I also had clothes from when I was in high school and I don't know why I held onto them so long. I've accepted that my style has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. A lot of people have "shop my closet" sales when they clear out their closets, but I feel that if I'm privileged enough to have too many clothes, then I don't really need to sell the overflow. I would much rather donate my clothes to charity shops and give someone who really needs affordable clothes the chance to buy them.

The things I feel worst about are the ones I bought and never wore. I don't do this very often and some are from years ago when I didn't know any better, but I really want to try avoid this in the future. I'm really into much plainer, classic styles these days and I think this will make it much easier to buy things I actually wear and that I can pair with the rest of my clothes. A very important thing I've stopped doing is buying clothes that I need to alter before I can wear them. I've realised that I just hardly ever get round to doing that. So apart from trousers that need to be hemmed for my shorter legs, everything has to be ready to wear.

One of the things I did buy recently is this illustrated mug. It's from a German company called Arzberg and the range is Künstlerkollektion which means Artist Collection. I paid R25 ($2.30) for it and it was still in the box. Martinus loves tea and drinks many cups during the day, so I think an interesting mug will always be useful around here.