30 December 2014

Flow Diary 2015

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I shared my first Flow diary last year. It completely changed the way I start my work days. In the past I used to just start doing different tasks and then get distracted or not be sure of what I was supposed to be doing, but having a beautiful diary has helped me become more organised. Now I always list what I need to get done before I start working. I'm still nowhere near as organised as I should be, but I'm heading in the right direction.

The 2015 Flow diary has illustrations by Rebecca Green and aims to have an "English country home" feel. I think it definitely achieves that. The cover has a deep teal pleather look with a bright orange logo. The edges of the pages are also orange.

This pretty illustration reminds me of myself and Jeff. I'm going to put it up in my studio.

The diary pages have illustrated borders. I miss the large weekly blank pages from last year's diary that I used to make lists and plans. There's a bit more space per day this year and other sections for writing throughout the diary though, so I should have enough space.

A few illustrations from the notes and wishes sections from the back of the diary. These extras are part of what sets this diary apart from the rest.

Each month has two open pages at the start.

And of course nothing from Flow would be complete without a few paper goodies. The back cover has a paper pocket with these pretty stickers.

There are many other illustrations and pages in this diary that you will have to discover for yourself, but I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek.

I won''t be blogging again until next week, so happy new year and see you soon!