27 October 2014

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad (Bún Chay)

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I made this delicious Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad for lunch last week. When I cooked rice noodles for the first time I followed the directions on the pack and they turned out completely mushy. Since then I have done some research and discovered it's better to soak them in hot water than boil them. This is great news because it makes preparation much easier for a quick lunch.

I followed the directions quite closely for this recipe except for the tofu. Instead of simply frying tofu blocks, I used marinated extra firm tofu and blended it with the peanuts and a few spring onions. Then I fried the minced mixture and added a bit of sesame oil. I also added carrots and only used half the lettuce. I used my stick blender's handy chopping attachment for the tofu topping, the herbs and sauce. So despite all the ingredients in this dish, it was very easy to put together.

Thinking about it has made me very hungry and I think I'll make it again soon.