10 October 2014

Vegan waffles

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I tried making waffles a few years ago and they took ages and weren't completely cooked when we ate them. That experience made me think that waffles are tricky to make and I didn't try again until this year. I suddenly had a craving for waffles that I couldn't ignore, so I found a basic recipe to try. This waffle recipe from Killer Bunnies Inc. is so easy and we've made it several times this year.

The way we enjoy it most often is simply with syrup and bananas. I also like to add a bit of cinnamon sugar.

I also tried banana ice cream for the first time this year and it's perfect for waffles. You simple blend frozen bananas with a bit of soy milk and vanilla.

We tried this one morning when we wanted chocolate spread. The chocolate completely melted on the hot waffles, it was delicious.

I haven't made waffles in quite a while, so I think I need to make some this weekend. What's your favourite waffle toppings?