09 September 2014

Nadia van der Mescht Creative Business Workshop


A few weeks ago I told you that many exciting thing were happening that week and this workshop was one of them. I have been dreaming of attending one of Nadia's workshops ever since she started them in Durban. This year was the first Cape Town workshop and I jumped at the chance to meet and learn from one of my favourite bloggers and business owners.

My friend Chane and I always discuss Nadia when we start talking about blogs and it was so fun to go to the workshop together. We had to leave Hermanus very early in the morning to miss the Cape Town traffic, so we had lots of time to have breakfast at Dear Me where the workshop was held. We both ordered the Cranberry Karma smoothie because we couldn't handle anything more substantial that early in the morning.

I told Nadia I was surprised that I couldn't find more blog posts about her workshops from previous attendants. Now I understand why. I was so busy listening to Nadia and making sure to take meticulous notes that I completely forgot to take photos of what was going on. I only took a few quick snaps before we started.

I'll do a separate post featuring all the beautiful things we received in our goodie bags, including some Terrapin and Toad postcards.

I felt completely star stuck after meeting Nadia in person and it still feels a little like a it was only a dream. It was a wonderful day and I learned so much. I've already implemented a few changes because of the workshop and I have so many ideas for the future of Terrapin and Toad.

If you want to see more photos of the day, you can check out Lanalou Style and Hello Pretty.