07 September 2014

Mission Samsung Challenge Week 2: ‘Baking Bliss’

For the second week of the Samsung Blogger's Challenge, we could choose between making potato wedges, French fries or sliced courgettes to test out the "Slim Fry" function or baking cookies to test out the "Smart Cook" function. The choice was easy for me. I love potato chips and have already used the Smart Oven's Slim Fry function several times, but I never let a chance to bake cookies go by.

Under the Smart Cook function you will find pre-programmed options to Auto Reheat or Auto Cook several different foods. You can easily heat up anything from frozen pizza and lasagna to soup and bagels. With the Auto Cook programme you can cook things like popcorn, jacket potatoes, broccoli or muffins without setting the time or heat. The temperature of the food is automatically detected by the sensor. I noticed a few people on Twitter asking about making cookies in a microwave, but the convection oven mode is used for baking.

I used a simple coconut oil sugar cookie recipe to create pretty flower cookies in celebration of the beautiful spring weather we've been having lately. The dough needs to be chilled after mixing and was difficult to roll out. I put it in the Smart Oven and used the microwave defrost setting to soften it a bit. This setting was also useful to soften the coconut oil without melting it.  The Crusty Plate that comes with the Smart Oven is non-stick, so I didn't need to use any baking paper.

To ice the cookies, I used an easy vegan royal icing recipe. Since we don't get corn syrup in South Africa, I used rice syrup because it was the lightest colour syrup I had. I piped an outline around the edge of the cookies and then used a thinner consistency icing to fill them in.

After the icing dried, I used new clean paint brushes and food colouring thinned with water to paint the cookies. For difficult to mix colours such as purple and black I used gel food colouring. You can find them at baking supply stores.

I wrapped up a few cookies to share with my friends. You can see them enjoying the cookies on Twitter and Instagram.

Of course I didn't forget my best friends and made peanut butter dog biscuits too. That's their favourite flavour of the biscuits I buy them so I thought it was about time I made something special for them. They were so quick to mix together because there are only 4 ingredients. I got 40 hearts out. The dogs loved them and got to eat quite a few while I was taking photos of them.

Jeff stole Mitzi's biscuit right before she could take it from me. 

A satisfied customer.

The Mission Samsung challenge is almost over. Time has gone by so quickly and there's so many things I still want to make. This is going to be a busy week.