11 September 2014

Amish Potato Rolls Veganised

Since this is the last week of Mission Samsung, I wanted to make full use of the Smart Oven. I've wanted to try this Amish Potato Rolls recipe for a long time. Potatoes and bread in one recipe, how could I not?  However these rolls need a very long rising time, 90 minutes for the first rising and  a whole 2 hours for the second one. The Samsung Smart Oven let me drastically cut down this time with the Dough Proof programme. It took only one hour for each rising. I also quickly cooked the potatoes needed for the bread rolls with the microwave option.

This recipe contains eggs and butter, but I easily veganised it by using and egg replacer and sunflower oil instead. The dough came together quickly. I used my hand mixer to combine the ingredients and then kneaded it for a few minutes. After letting the dough rise, I divided it into 16 rolls, rolled them into smooth balls and let them rise again. Then they are ready to be baked. It only takes 25 minutes.

The rolls didn't end up tasting anything like potatoes, but the potatoes did help to make the rolls soft. They were delicious with a bit of vegan butter and strawberry jam. Except for the rising time, these rolls don't take a lot of time or work to make and are definitely worth a try.