25 August 2014

Samsung Blogger Challenge

Last week I told you some exciting things were happening and this is one of them. I'm a finalist in the 3rd Samsung Blogger Challenge. For each challenge 10 finalists will receive a Samsung device to review. We will be given 3 challenges over 3 weeks. At the end the winner will receive the Samsung product specific to the challenge they participated in. At the end of the year the winners from all the challenges will compete in the Grand Finale.

The 3rd Challenge was open to food and lifestyle bloggers and is all about the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven. It's so much more than just a microwave, it's also a convection oven and has many interesting features, such as the Slim Fry and Auto Fermentation features. I'm very excited to try all the settings. We received the first challenge today so you can expect my first post later this week.

You can read more about the challenge here and check out the other finalists on Twitter here. You can follow the action by searching #missionsamsung on Twitter.