01 July 2014

Vegan Tamagoyaki, Inari and Maki.

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I shared a vegan sushi post with you last year. Usually I make simple maki rolls and lately I've only filled them with avocado. After finally organizing my studio last week I decided to celebrate by making some more elaborate sushi for us.

We'd bought inari age (tofu pockets) for sushi the previous week and I wanted to try them. They are already cooked and seasoned so I only needed to fill them with rice and top them with black sesame seeds. I use these directions to cook the rice.

I found a recipe for Vegan Tamagoyaki through Pinterest. (I used google translate.) I've never eaten real tamagoyaki before, but this seemed relatively easy to make and different from what we usually have. You make a thin vegan omelette, roll it up and put slices of it on top of rice and wrap it with nori strips.

I also made two types of maki. The one had avo and black sesame seeds, the way I always make it. For the other type I cut some deep fried tofu blocks into smaller pieces and marinated them in a mixture of soy sauce and mirin. I love these deep fried tofu pieces that we buy from a chinese market in Cape Town. They are already pressed and fried, so when you add them to food, they soak up all the flavour. I used the marinated tofu, avo, vegan mayo and black sesame seeds for these rolls. They were my favourite from everything I made that day.

I'm going for surgery to have two wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. These teeth have been driving me crazy ever since the surgery was booked. I can't wait to get rid of them. I'm eating a lot of crunchy foods while I still can :)

Have a wonderful week.