29 July 2014

The Snail Mail Collective - November 2013

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November? 2013?

Yes this post is very late, for several reasons. For the November Snail Mail Collective, I was paired with Wina from Foreign Geek. I'm so jealous of all the travelling she does and love reading about in on her blog. We were both unlucky in the mail department with this swap. The package I sent her only arrived several months later and the one she sent me was lost completely. But she was nice enough to send me a replacement and I was so excited and grateful to receive it. This was back in May and the package has been waiting patiently since then for me to take photos.

This was such a thoughtful package and I will use everything in it.

You can never have too may little zip pouches. They are so useful and this one is very pretty.

 I love trying new soaps and peppermint is going to be wonderfully refreshing in summer.

What a pretty candle, I don't even want to burn it :)

I was so surprised to see this photo of us in the frame. It's on display in my studio now.

A pretty cloth for the table because I like to cook. This is my favourite part of the package.

The Snail Mail Collective ended last year, but you can read my previous posts here and here.
Thank you Wina.


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