20 July 2014

Getting a new fridge

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Since we have both lived alone in the past, we used to have two fridges at our house. Two years ago they both broke down at the same time during summer. Only one could be repaired and we're using the other one as a bookshelf. We have been coping with only one reasonably small fridge, but realised that a second fridge would make our lives much easier. A second fridge is a luxury, but we are fortunate enough to be able to afford it and have decided to finally make the investment. We've been talking about all the things we'd be able to make when we have another fridge for over a year and finally ordered one today.

Some of the plans for when we have more fridge/freezer space:
  • Keep the ice cream maker bowl frozen so we can easily make delicious homemade ice cream on a whim.
  • Make ice lollies. Our ice lolly mould doesn't fit into our tiny freezer.
  • Buy dried beans instead of canned. We use canned beans because of the convenience, but if we have space to freeze prepared portions of dried beans, it will save so much money and packaging.
  • Cook brown rice and freeze in portion sizes. We love brown rice, but it takes much longer to cook than white rice. I often resort to white rice when we're too hungry to wait 45 minutes.
  • Have prepared meals in the freezer so we can avoid takeaways on lazy days.
  • Organize the fresh food in the fridge so that we can easily see what we have and not have to throw away food that ended up hidden in the back.
  • Have bottles of cold water in the fridge during summer. Maybe even some fruit infused water? We chose a fridge without a water dispenser because we'd rather use containers we can take to the table and it meant more space for a lower price.
  • Keep track of leftovers and use them before they go bad.
  • Freeze some of the fruit that grows on our trees. We have fig, lemon and guavas trees and would love to save some of it to use during the rest of the year. We eat the figs as soon as they ripen and use lemons in a lot of our food, but the guavas are wasted and I want to peel and freeze batches of them.
  • Make freezer jam. I'd love to learn to preserve fruits and vegetables, but for now I'm a bit nervous about doing something wrong in the canning process.
  • Freeze vegetable scraps until I have enough to make home-made stock.
  • Buy vegetables and fruit in bulk when on sale and freeze to use later.

We picked this Samsung fridge and it's on sale at Makro at the moment. It has an A+ Energy Efficiency rating, is frost-free and has LED lights.

Does anyone else get this excited about new appliances? Is your fridge and freezer fully stocked or do you prefer to buy ingredients as you need them?

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