23 May 2014

Flow diary

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Last year I discovered the amazing Dutch magazine, Flow. It's for paper lovers and has quickly turned into my favourite magazine. The International edition only appears every few months and I have ordered every one. I'm very disappointed that the first edition was sold out before I could buy it. I received the fifth edition the day after my birthday last week, what perfect timing.

I bought the Flow diary for myself as a Christmas present last year. I was so anxious to start using it, but then I didn't want to start writing in it because it was so pretty. I got over that and have been making to do list every week for the last few months. The diary is filled with illustrations by Aiko Fukawa. Flow magazine always has a few paper extras and the diary is no different.

The outer cover is coated with fabric and there are three space keeper ribbons.

This is one of the pages of stickers.

The diary is filled with interesting pages to fill out.

This is the page layout, the days of the week on the left and an open page on the right. I usually make general lists of things I need to do on the right and then put tasks that have to be done on a specific day on the left. I've also started writing down what I did that day even if it wasn't on the list. It helps me see where my time is going.

In the back of the diary there's a paper pouch filled with extra goodies.

Since leaving school I have used little freebie diaries that you get with magazines. Having a really beautiful diary has made me much more excited about getting organised and planning my time better. The Flow diary is different every year and I can't wait to see what they do next year.

If you liked this, check out my Flow Book for Paper Lovers.


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