17 April 2014

Vegan chocolate chip vanilla pudding pie

I've been reading the Vegan Richa blog for a while now, but only started making some of the recipes this year. When I saw this Chocolate chip pudding pie recipe on her Instagram, I knew I had to try it. I love chocolate chips, there's something addictive about biting into them.
This pie was really easy to make. You don't need an oven, only a stove top. You might even be able to make it in a microwave if you're careful. A blender is a must have for the crust, but you could use a different crust if you wanted.
My favourite part turned out to be the crust. It's made from nuts, dates and coconut. I was expecting it to crumble, but it worked so well and I could easily press it into the pie dish. I'm going to try it with other filling too. The filling is made with non-dairy milk and thickened with rice flour and cornstarch. We only had brown rice flour and I think it made the filling slightly gritty but it wasn't very noticeable when combined with the other ingredients. It was difficult to wait for the filling to cool down, I was so anxious to try it with the chocolate chips. All of this is topped with one of the best things in the world, chocolate ganache.
I halved the recipe since we're only two, but we did end up taking some of it to a picnic with Chane and her husband.

So if you love chocolate and chocolate chips or need an easy yet impressive dessert, try this.


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