29 April 2014

Treasure Tuesday #62 (Vividha Indian handmade paper book)

I bought this beautiful handmade book for Martinus. It was still wrapped in its original plastic packaging. The cover is a thicker paper with hand painted writing and a decorative edge. There's also some yellow stitching and a colourful binding that adds more interest and texture.

 Many of the pages have these yellow flower petals.

It came with this bookmark too.

I feel like the love of beautiful stationery has grown so much over the past few years. People are writing more letters again and using papers and pens again instead of screens and keyboards. This is a very exciting development for me and it has helped to make even mainstream stationery more interesting. I remember seeing pretty notebooks etc. online, but only seeing boring office stationery in all the shops around me. I'm so happy to see this changing.

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