03 April 2014

Loving lately #3

Yes, more Woolworths products. I'm starting to realise that my shopping world is pretty small. The best way to avoid buying things you don't need is to avoid going to stores. So I'm trying to only buy groceries and toiletries and I'm limiting my charity shop visits too. It's easy to tell yourself "It's only R15", but it all adds up at the end of the month. I've had a serious look at my closet and have a small list of things that I need. This has made it much easier to say no to things I know aren't on there. Small luxuries like bubble bath and chocolate also help when I want something new but don't have any space in my closet.

1. 3M Nexcare Waterproof bandages
I'm very clumsy and I have bruises or cuts most of the time. I also wash my hands very often and get very frustrated when plasters get wet and have to be changed every time they get wet. It's such a waste. I found these Nexcare plasters at Dis-Chem and I'm so impressed with them. They're incredibly thin, so they shape to every bump in your skin. They're wider in the centre, so there's more adhesive next to the pads and they stay on all day. We saw friends the first day I tried these and I couldn't stop talking about my plaster. I recommend these 100%.

2. Coconut & Lime Bubble Bath
The bath products at Woolworths are approved by Beauty Without Cruelty too and they have such a big selection at various price points. This is actually from the cheapest range, but it smells like a luxury product. Bubble baths usually smell very soapy to me, but this one has a wonderful coconut scent. If you're a coconut fan like me, definitely try this. I can't detect the lime scent at all.

Update: When I went to buy another bottle of this, I saw that they had changed the formulation. Instead of white, it is now clear. I decided to try it anyway, but I'm disappointed. The lime scent is more noticeable, the coconut scent isn't as strong and it smells more soapy.

Update 2: There's actually two different formulations and my favourite one wasn't discontinued. Yay!

I didn't eat a lot of Easter eggs while growing up, but I made sure that my mom got me at least one each year. Sometimes we'd wait until after Easter when they were marked down. I'd break off little pieces from the top to fill the bottom and then start eating. It's just a different experience from a block of chocolate. I was very happy to find these dairy free Easter eggs at Woolworths this year. These are nut free, dairy free, gluten free and egg free, so they're perfect for any allergy sufferers.

4. Her
Joaquin Phoenix is one of my favourite actors and this movie has become on of my all-time favourites too. It's so interesting and beautiful. There's so much to think about, but it doesn't feel too heavy or serious. I also absolutely love the soundtrack and have been listening to the score by Arcade Fire on Youtube. I really want to get this dvd and soundtrack when it's released.


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