31 March 2014

My first helicopter ride

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Earlier this year Martinus had a job at a birthday party not too far from where we live. He does live caricatures at events. Since it was so close, I dropped him off and picked him up again. Apart from Martinus, the host also hired a helicopter to surprise his guests. When I picked him up, we were invited to also take a ride before we leave. It was incredible and I had such a difficult time choosing which photos to share with you.

The party was on an apple farm. Imagine having this view from your deck:

Neither of us were expecting a helicopter ride when we woke up that morning. Everything looks so beautiful from the sky and it was very interesting to recognise things we usually see from ground level and discover the surroundings of the road we drive so often.

You can also see Martinus' blog post about this day here.
Have you ever been in a helicopter?


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