20 March 2014

Loving lately #2

1. Soft body bra from Cotton On
I've been looking for these bras my whole life and I finally found them at the Cotton On in Canal Walk. Pretty and comfortable, everything I wanted but could never find together. I had to get the largest size, so these will only work if you don't need much support from your bras. 

2. Rabbit phone jack from Typo
I've only been to the Typo store twice and the first time I only bought a few boring black pens. This time around I had some time to browse the store and bought presents for friends and a few things for myself. I've seen cute phone jacks on the internet, but this is the first time I've seen them in person. They had a few cute carved wooden animals and I picked this rabbit. It was on sale which is a bonus.

3. Earth Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Woolworths
I know, another cleaning product from Woolworths. I buy a lot of products from them because they have been approved by Beauty Without Cruelty. I love the fresh apple scent of this spray cleaner and it's the perfect kitchen counter cleaner.

4. The Bear That Wasn't
I love this short film, I wish more animated films looked like this.

From Wikipedia: "The Bear That Wasn't is a 1946 children's book by film director and Looney Tunes alumnus Frank Tashlin. In 1967, Tashlin's former Termite Terrace colleague Chuck Jones directed an animated short film based upon the book for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer."

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