06 March 2014

Loving lately #1

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Welcome to my newest feature. This is where I'm going to share things I think are good enough to mention, but don't need a whole blog post. It probably won't be a weekly feature, but will be posted when I have 4/5 things for a post. I've already started on the next one, so it might turn out to be more regular than I planned.

1. Mini Soft Eating Gums from Woolworths
Another snack I discovered while waiting in line. These little fruit gums have no gelatine, unlike most gum sweets. Each fruit has a very distinct flavour. I don't usually eat this type of sweet, but they're delicious and I've been eating them much faster than I should something that's mostly sugar. When I was getting the link for this post, I saw that they're also available in a bulk pack, but that might be dangerous.

2. Pina Colada Washing Up Liquid from Woolworths
I know it will seem silly to some people but I'm really bored with lemon scented dish washing liquid and was so excited when I spotted this. It smells so good and makes washing dishes a tiny bit more interesting.

3. Accesorize Collagen mascara
Our local Clicks doesn't have an Accesorize stand anymore, so all their products are on the sale stand. This mascara was only R10. The reason I love this so much is that it smells like coconut. I've never has a scented mascara before and went back the next day to get another one of these.

Roasted cabbage.
I had no idea how good cabbage could be until I tried roasting it. We generally eat it raw or stir fried, but this was a revelation. Just a bit of salt, oil and heat has turned this into one of my favourite foods at the moment.


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