04 February 2014

The Snail Mail Collective - December 2013

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My previous Snail Mail post was about my October swap. There was another swap in between but I haven't received my package yet, so I'm sharing the December swap with you today. This was the last Snail Mail Collective so I'm very happy that I took part.

I was paired with Bethan from A Pretty Place To Play. She lives in London now and she lived in Swaziland (neighbouring South Africa) for two years when she was a teenager. It was great getting to know Bethan, talking about dogs, how we were spending Christmas and our plans for the future. I really enjoy digging through past posts on new blogs I discover and my favourite topics were the travel and food posts. I'm so jealous of everyone living in Europe who can travel around so easily.

Due to the slow mailing system in South Africa, Bethan's package only reached me this year. It was definitely worth the wait. The December theme was Travel and this is what Bethan sent me.

These postcards are my favourite part of the package. I love the designs. I haven't shown you my postcard door yet, but they went straight up. These are way to cool to use, they're staying on display.
We obviously have the same ideas about travel because I also sent Bethan a little notebook :)
It was so considerate to send me gelatine-free sweets. There is also Percy Pig sweets being sold at Woolworths in South Africa, but the one we have here contains pig gelatine. How ironic.
I love looking at the different products in foreign stores too, I even love browsing the supermarkets. My skin hasn't been handling the summer heat well, so this face mask is really handy. I've been using the lip balm every day since I received it. The scent reminds me of something, but I just can't place it. I'm going to save the hair treatment until after I've cut my hair. 
I love the colour of this pretty little quote book.

Thank you for the awesome package Bethan.

You can see the package I sent Bethan, here.


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