11 February 2014

Dermasuri exfoliating mitt review

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I won this Dermasuri exfoliating mitt in a giveawy on Pink on the Cheek in December. The package only arrived in January after the holiday rush. It even included a card with a personal note.

The Dermasuri mitt has a very different fabric than any other exfoliating product I've used. This unique fabric grips the dead skin cells and rolls them away. I've added the "How to use" video below so you can see how it works. I was very surprised to actually be able to see the dead skin cells because I thought the video had been enhanced. I struggled to get a good photo, but that's probably for the best since wet dead skin looks really gross. It looked exactly like it does in the video and my skin has never been this smooth. My elbows were the biggest improvement I noticed and they didn't feel any different than the other skin on my arms when I was done.

Basically it does exactly what it claims to and I recommend the Dermasuri exfoliating mitt 100%.


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