14 February 2014

Beet and Vegan Feta Tabbouleh

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I don't have a special Valentines post for you, but I think this Beet and Feta Tabbouleh is appropriate since the red beetroot gives the other ingredients a pink tinge when mixed. Oh, and the red onions also add to the pinkish colour. I used the vegan feta recipe from the Mouthwatering Vegan cookbook and it's worth buying the book just for that recipe. It's made from cashews and baked. At first I thought it didn't taste cheesy enough, but as soon as you add it to food it's amazing. We also made spinach and feta pies that were incredibly authentic.

I don't like beetroot very much and I never know how to cook it, but this tabbouleh has changed my mind. I decided to roast the beetroot instead of boiling it and this was a very good idea. The roasted beetroot was incredibly sweet and paired perfectly with the salty feta and vinegary dressing. Another thing I don't usually like is parsley, but I've learned that it's delicious when used in the right way. Like in this salad.

Happy Valentines Day!


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