25 January 2014

Window shopping


I'm trying to buy less clothes at the moment, so I thought I'd share some of my window shopping with you. Maybe someone else wants the things I'm dreaming about but can't have. These pieces are all from WalG and both the cardigans are on sale at the moment. They're London based, so the shipping is a bit much for me anyway, but it's great if you're in the UK. They even have free UK shipping if you spend over £60.

Part of  my buying less attempts include thinking about what styles really suit me and what I really love. So far I've realised that I'm attracted to simpler classic colours and styles with vintage inspired florals to mix things up. I've been looking at dresses and light sweaters because it's very hot in South Africa at the moment, but the evenings do get slightly chilly and there's always a breeze blowing from the ocean. Is it just me or do everyone else's arms get cold quickly too?

I used Polyvore for the first time to put together two quick looks. I know, a blogger whose never used Polyvore before. I like these dresses, but I know that I probably have enough dresses. I guess I have enough cardigans too, but I'm so in love with these ones. I thought the gold one was a bit boring until I saw the back and I only have a short sleeved floral cardigan. And then of course they're both longer in the back, my favourite style at the moment. But I'm just going to keep telling myself I have enough.

WalG window shopping