23 January 2014

Vegan chocolate cake with coffee icing

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I made this cake for friends' engagement party and it was a big hit. People were thanking me when I left and there was even talk of proposal based on this cake. I used my trusty chocolate cake recipe from Post Punk Kitchen and a mocha icing recipe from the Martha Stewart site. This is my go to recipe for chocolate cake. It's so quick and easy to mix together and has never failed me. I'm still looking for a good vegan vanilla cake recipe. Each one I've tried baking was too heavy. Suggestions are very welcome.

The mocha icing uses vegan margarine, but I replaced that with coconut oil. I'd never tried creative frosting like this before, but it was much easier than I thought it would be. I piped evenly sized circles around the edges and centre of the cake and then filled in the gaps with small circles.

I spread the middle layer of icing on, but I piped a row of icing around to match the top.

Do you have trusted recipes that you use over and over or do you try something new each time? I love trying new recipe at home, but for parties I've learned to use the tried and tested ones.