20 January 2014

Swimming in the Hermanus reservoir

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This is one of the really fun things I did this summer that makes me seem like a very cool person with an amazing life. Well, my life is pretty amazing since I live in a very beautiful town with someone I love and we get to swim in a reservoir in the mountain. And I guess I'm not too bad either :)

I've only been here twice so far, but it's one of my favourite places already. You take a short hike up the mountain and then find this beautiful black dam. The water has a reddish brown colour that makes it look like you're swimming in Coke. The first time it was pretty cold, but the second time it was warmer than the sea water. I think it's much too cold to swim at the beach here, but the reservoir was perfect. I don't have much more to say, so I'll just leave you with a few photos of this great swimming spot.

That's my town in the background. We're so lucky.