13 January 2014

Pretty package from Nadia van der Mescht

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Nadia van der Mescht is one of my favourite bloggers and last year I won a spot prize for loyal readers on her blog. I think our local post office has been very busy because I didn't receive any mail for about 3 weeks and last week the mailbox was full. It was a rainy day and it took so much restraint to find a sunny spot to take photos before opening Nadia's package. I've seen so many of Nadia's beautifully wrapped packages on her blog and having one of my own was almost surreal.

The little business card packet with giant confetti is so fun.

I know the N's on the pencil are for Nadia, but it worked out perfectly for me :)

My incredibly pretty sticky notes from Rice. It makes me so happy to look at them. Get ready future package swap partners. There will be flowers and lots of them.

Thank you for all the prettiness Nadia, I love it.