03 January 2014

I'm back and Darecember photos

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Hi. I'm back after my month long blog break. I'm excited but also quite nervous. Suddenly I can't think of anything to share, but I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things soon.

I'll start today by sharing the photos from my first photo a day challenge. I did the Darecember style challenge by Fox in Flats. It was fun to have a small challenge every day and most days were pretty easy, so it was a nice holiday project. You can see all these photos with descriptions and a few more of my holiday snaps on my Instagram account.

As you can see, I'm very happy that the A Beautiful Mess app is finally available on Android. It's perfect for emphasizing certain parts of your photos or even hiding parts you don't want to show. Dog hair on your shirt? Just strategically place one of the many cute doodles over it. So easy.

I didn't do much at all since I was last here. Bought, made and wrapped presents. Spent time with family. Made and ate too much food. Got behind on cleaning and reading. What did you get up to during the holidays?

PS. Why on earth were my blog views higher than ever during the month I didn't blog at all?


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