31 January 2014

DIY map covered notebooks


I made these notebooks for Martinus' cousin for Christmas. I found a map at the charity shop and cut it smaller to cover two regular notebooks. I stamped his name on the front to personalize them more. I used thin double sided tape to hold the maps in place and covered them with clear contact paper to protect them.

First I used the front pages of the book to cover up the edges on the inside, but later I decided to rather use another piece of the map. So that's an unnecessary step you can leave out and you'll have a more uniform look on the inside too. I used craft glue to glue the map on the inside after I'd covered the books with contact paper. I wasn't sure if it would stick to the plastic surface, but it did. The glue wrinkled the map paper, but after drying and keeping them closed the paper was smoothed out again.

I really love making presents, it's so much more personal and special.