16 January 2014

DIY Clay Ornaments

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I participated in a really fun swap at the end of last year. It was an ornament exchange organised by Kelli from True Bias. Each group was supposed to have 10 people who swapped handmade ornaments. The participants were mostly American, so I was paired with three girls from the UK. I've only received one of the packages so far, so I'll share them with you when I have everything.

My partners were:

You can see Kelli's ornaments and her tutorial here. You'll also see the links for the nine other bloggers who she swapped with. I also made clay ornaments, but mine were made with air dry clay and hers with bake-able clay. I'm sorry, I didn't keep the original packaging and I can't remember the brand of clay I used.

This is more of an idea inspiring post than a tutorial. It's very simple and I'll tell you what I did. I rolled out some air dry clay with a rolling pin to about 3mm thick. Then I used mini gingerbread man cookie cutters to cut out as many ornaments as I could. It's easier to lift the clay around the shape first to prevent it from becoming distorted. I worked on wax paper and let the ornaments dry on the wax paper. I only used a small portion of the clay in the package.

I stamped the initials of my partners onto the ornaments with regular black stamping ink and made holes in the tops. I made ones for our human/dog family, some for presents and a few extras. I sent each girl a plain and initialled ornament.

The clay was grey while it was wet, but became whiter when it dried. I used a craft knife to trim the burs from the backs.

I put jewellery jump rings through holes in the top and threaded short lengths of twine through rings. You can use longer lengths of twine to make necklaces too.

The cookie cutters are gingerbread men in varying positions, so each ornament was different. I thought about painting them, but I really liked the simple white clay with the stamps. There's so many options. Have you ever worked with clay?


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