15 November 2013

Vegan BBQ ideas

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We had a little BBQ (braai in South Africa) yesterday, but I forgot to take photos of most of the food. We started eating as the food cooked and it was all so good that I completely forgot about photos once I started eating.

I made Martha Stewart's Dijon Potato Salad. I've made this recipe several times and it's so good. The warm potatoes absorb the vinegar and mustard mixture to create a really flavourful salad. I haven't even tried making a mayonnaise potato salad since I discovered this. Mine was more mushy because I used large potatoes and mixed it too much while it was still warm. I also made a basil version of this a while back and blended basil leaves with the vinegar to flavour the potatoes. I loved it, but Martinus didn't like it as much as me. I guess it depends on your level of obsession with basil.

The second recipe was Sweet 'n Sour Skewers from VeganDad. Wow, they were amazing and my favourite part of the whole meal. You marinate the vegetables in a simple mixture of orange/lime/lemon juice, chili and cinnamon. We used vegan sausages, baby marrow (zucchini), green peppers, pineapple and tomato. I'm going to be trying these with different combinations in the future. The pineapple pieces were the best part.

We won't be buying these sausages again because Fry's started using palm oil in their products again.

I don't have photos of the other things we ate, so I'll just list them.

  • Corn on the cob, wrapped in foil with some margarine and veggie seasoning from Ina Paarman.
  • Vegan burgers from Woolworths marinated in a mixture of BBQ sauces we had at home. (I just noticed that these patties also contain palm oil, so we'll be making our own from now on.)
  • Burger rolls
  • Garlic bread made with home-made margarine and lots of garlic.
  • Cinnamon Bundt Cake
I just can't stop eating garlic bread when it's in front of me. Crispy bread with a soft oily centre and lots of garlic? That's the perfect food right there. What's your favourite BBQ food?