26 November 2013

Treasure Tuesday #58 (Red coat)

We finally have our internet connection at home set up again. It's such a relief. Our old router was hit by lighting and we struggled to set up the new one. I don't know why we didn't use surge protectors before, but we have them for all our electronic things now. Apparently they might not always work, but I'm sure it's better than nothing.

I bought this red coat about two weeks ago at the Hospice shop and I already forgot the price. I think it was R30 (about $3). It's not very thick, but it's lined. It's perfect for rainy days that aren't too cold. The red looks much brighter in these photos than it does in real life. It's quite bright, but not as glowing as in the photos. It's probably slightly too big for me, but I think it works with a belt. It will also make it easier to wear over sweaters during winter.

We only took one full length photo and my hair is in my face. My face is all over this blog, so it doesn't really matter. We took this photo next to the road when I dropped Martinus off at a wedding he was working at. I really love big rocks and climbing on them. Unfortunately this one was behind a fence.

I remembered to take a photo of the back, but not to take my hair out of the way. It's getting so long. I'm really excited to be able to try different styles. I've been wanting to try milkmaid braids for years and my hair finally reaches the top of my head. I haven't perfected hiding the ends under the braids, so I just use lots of pins to keep everything in place.

I'm planning a little blog break during December, so missing last week was really bad timing. I'm going to try do a few extra posts this week to make up for it.

PS. I just installed an awesome new theme from Blog Me Pretty, designed by Noor AlQahtani. I need to adjust my photo widths etc. to suit the new theme, so things might look a little strange for a few days.