07 November 2013

The Snail Mail Collective - October 2013


The Snail Mail Collective is a monthly gift exchange program and the latest swap I participated in. It's pretty straight forward and works the same as most swaps. You get paired with someone, get to know them better and exchange a small gift.

My partner was Brooke from honestly, b. I love her blog and it was a pretty exciting month to get to know her because she got engaged. She shares very stylish outfit posts, but my favourite parts of her blog are the natural beauty and juice recipe posts. Sometimes you get paired with someone you don't have that much in common with, but I've really enjoyed discovering Brooke's blog and exchanging emails.

I usually have to pick up packages at the post office, but this one was in our mail box today. Opening packages is one of my favourite things to do. This is one of the best packages I've received, there's nothing about it I don't love.

The dog paw buttons are a special touch. I think they're going to look great on one of my cardigans.

Wooden buttons are so beautiful. I'm going to keep these for a special project.

I can never have enough ribbons. The acorn print one is my favourite.

The stamp on the envelope is a cute idea and I'm probably going to use it for myself.

Brooke lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We're encouraged to include a postcard in the packages.

Here's what I sent Brooke. The theme was Autumn Adventures, so I was inspired by that and a few of Brooke's favourite winter drinks. I'm always surprised when people from other countries also like Rooibos tea because I don't expect them to even know about it. Everyone in the US seems to be obsessed with pumpkin flavoured drinks this time of year, so it was refreshing to find out that at least one person isn't.

Today is the last day to sign up for the November Snail Mail Collective, so if you want to take part, click here.