12 November 2013

The Eatery

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The Eatery in Hermanus is our favourite places to eat breakfast. A friend told us about it last year and we visit regularly. They have a breakfast and lunch menu that changes often because they use local, in-season ingredients. It's all very affordable too. They expanded a while back and now also have a deli section with fresh meals and jars of jams, pickles etc. The fridge is usually stocked with soups during winter and salads during summer. My very first Instagram photo featured a noodle salad from The Eatery.

There's a florist across from them and they always have beautiful flowers on the tables. They're one of the few places in Hermanus that offers soy milk. It's not our favourite brand, but it's good enough.  I always used to order the freshly squeezed apple juice, but now they only offer a mixed fresh juice.

This is the breakfast that made The Eatery our top spot. It's called Mike's breakfast. It has a slice of their delicious freshly baked bread, they're own baked beans and a variety of vegetables. The vegetables change seasonally and you never know what you're going to get. It's a really filling breakfast, but still healthy and not greasy at all.

This is a new option I've been ordering when I want something smaller than Mike's breakfast. It's white bean pate with tomato and rocket. It comes with rye bread, but I asked for ciabatta this time. The pate is delicious and flavourful. It's so much more than just mashed beans.

If you visit Hermanus, definitely try out The Eatery for a delicious breakfast or lunch.