18 October 2013

Fritzi Marie Floral Crown

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I've had incredible luck lately and I've won 5 giveaways over the past few months. I've been checking the mailbox twice a day and the first of my prizes arrived this week. I got a package notification late in the day and had to wait until the next morning to go pick it up. I won this beautiful red floral headband from the Fritzi Marie etsy shop in a giveaway on the Everyday is a Holiday blog.

The description on Etsy:

"This red Doo Nanny floral crown / headband was inspired by Frida Kahlo, burlesque dancers, circus performers and pin up girls. My sister and I started making them to wear to the Doo Nanny festival (an outsider art show in Seale, Alabama). I feel so festive and beautiful when I wear mine. Here's hoping that this Doo Nanny crown takes you on many adventures and makes you feel beautiful."

This definitely feels very festive. I'm going to a high tea with my friends tomorrow and I'll be wearing this headband. I'm also sure it will be part of my Christmas outfit.

I started ripping open the box in the car, but when I saw the beautifully wrapped package I had to wait until I got home so I could take photos of it first.

This business card is so cute.

I love the golden line on this pink envelope. It feels so special.

Do you also love the feeling of embossed paper?

Thank you for this wonderful gift Fritzi Marie.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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