01 October 2013

Crazy Carrot Hot Dogs

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I know, I know, a carrot is definitely not a hot dog replacement. Sure, it has a similar shape, but the taste is completely different. That's what I thought when I saw the idea first too. But after reading the instructions and some Googling, I saw that there were many recipes and there's more to it than just a carrot on a bun.

You boil the carrots and then marinade them overnight. This is what gives them the flavour and they definitely doesn't taste like carrots anymore when you're done with them. I picked this recipe and next time I'll try another one to compare and find my favourite. There's only one brand of vegetarian hot dog sausages available at my local supermarkets and it's quite bland, so I was eager to try something different.

The carrots we had at home were large, so I cut them in half. I think this helped them to absorb more of the marinade, because they weren't orange on the inside at all. After marinating them, you fry them in a pan to heat them up and make them slightly crispy.

I added caramelised onions, tomato sauce and mustard to my hot dog. It was really good and I'll definitely make it again. I like a lot of sauce on my food, so it might taste less like a hot dog if you use less sauce. For me it was much better than the bought sausages available here and much cheaper.

What's the weirdest recipe you've ever made?


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