22 October 2013

Clicks caramel rice cakes review

I spotted these mini rice cakes with caramel flavoured coating while waiting in line at Clicks. To my surprise I saw that they're vegan and don't contain palm oil either. I don't think I've ever seen non-dairy coating without palm oil. Obviously I had to try them.

Only 1 per serving? Good luck with that! I couldn't stick to just one.

These are delicious. They're crunchy and the coating is deliciously creamy and sweet. I would like a thicker coating, but they're trying to make a low calorie snack, so I understand. If you live in South Africa you should look out for these. They were about R22 for a packet of 10. They also come in strawberry flavour.

Update: I also tried the strawberry flavour and it's just as delicious.