25 October 2013

Cara Box September 2013

I've participated in a few package swaps during the last two years and this is the most recent one. It's called Cara Box and is organised by Kaitlyn from Wifessionals. One of the main differences from other swaps I've done is that you usually get paired up with two other women. You get to know both of them and one of them sends a package to you and you send to the other one. So there's not a direct swap.

This time I got paired up with only one person, Megan, because we both live in South Africa. We actually met through the comment section of Nadia van der Mescht's blog and have been exchanging postcards. I told Megan about Cara Box and then we got paired up. She doesn't have a blog, so I'm sharing both our packages with you. You can see her Twitter profile here. She also now has a weekly guest post on the Glamorous Glitter blog.

The theme for this swap was "FALL" IN LOVE WITH THE SEASON. Since we're in the southern hemisphere, Kaitlyn said we can do a spring theme instead.

This is what I sent Megan. Her favourite colours are pink, mint green, baby blue and purple so I tried to get things in those colours. When I read that Megan likes shopping, I immediately knew I wanted to make her a shopping bag.

Photo by Megan. (We have the same storage containers as her) 

Photo by Megan

The little ceramic bowl was the first thing I got for her. The variation in colour is so pretty and reminds me of the ocean. I think it'll be perfect for keeping small items like rings. Megan has been very busy at work, so I made her a jar of pink rose scented bath salts to help her relax. We're both really looking forward to summer so I sent her nail polish, hand cream and a nail file to get her hands and feet into shape for summer. I needed to take the nail file out of the packaging to fit it into the box though. I was hoping to find a pretty floral nail file, bit obviously they were nowhere to be found when I needed it.

I included two brooches from my Etsy shop. One for Megan and one for her daughter so she won't be left out of the fun.

Now for the package I received from Megan. She did such an amazing job with this and I love it. Her packaging was great, I'm definitely going to take some tips from it.

Look at these cute tiny washing pegs.

Megan put lots of little spring themed decorations into the box with the gifts. It's a very nice touch.

Just a few of the decorations.

All my presents from Megan.

A bookmark because I like reading and very cool magnetic markers for my recipe books because I love cooking.

We both enjoy grocery shopping, so she sent me this pretty floral shopping list and pen.

A chocolate themed magnet and a cat-butterfly notepad.

This pill box is really handy and even has a little light when you open it. Megan said this is to help keep hay-fever at bay. Luckily I don't get hay-fever, but I like to have headache tablets on hand for emergencies.

This is my favourite part. I adore coconut scented things so this body butter is exactly what I would've picked for myself. It's very thick and luxurious.

Thanks for the great package Megan, it's been really fun.

If you're interested in joining the Cara Box exchange, click here.