19 September 2013


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Za'atar is a delicious Middle Eastern spice blend and it's very easy to make. The basic recipe only has four ingredients and you can change the ratios and add other ingredients to suit your taste. I've read about it many times, but never tried it until making it myself.

I used this recipe from 101 Cookbooks. The basic ingredients are thyme, sumac, salt and sesame seeds. Using fresh thyme and drying it in the oven right before grinding the ingredeints is supposed to make a big difference to the freshness of the za'atar. Next time I'll try dried thyme and decide if it's worth the effort. I used a blender instead of pestle and mortar, so the sesame seeds are fine. I really like it that way, so I won't change anything next time.

Za'atar is delicious with some fresh bread and olive oil. If you want more ways to use it, check out these recipes from theKitchn.


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