17 September 2013

Treasure Tuesday #57 (Dog sweater)

I found this cute sweater for one of our dogs last week. It's brand new and only cost R8. Sometimes there are new knitted items at the Hospice shop, I think someone knits things just to donate to them. I've bought a few of these items before, but this is the first dog sweater I spotted there. I wasn't sure if this would be the right size, but it's a perfect fit. It won't be cold enough for a sweater for her much longer, so I wanted to get a few photos of Twiggy wearing it. I might remove the blue flowers on the back. I think it's a little too girly for her.

I had to follow Twiggy around the garden to get these photos. All she wanted to do was explore with her friend Jeff. They're so cute together. I think he likes her a little more than she likes him though. Maybe she's just not as affectionate as him.

It's supposed to be spring here, but it's still pretty cold and raining a lot. I love the rain, but I'm looking forward to summer. Every time it's warm and we start to think winter is finally over, it gets cold again. Hopefully I can unpack my summer clothes soon.


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