03 September 2013

Treasure Tuesday #56 (Green vase)


You might have seen this vase when I posted it on Instagram a few weeks back. It was only R8 at the Hospice shop. The shiny, deep green surface looks good alone or paired with flowers and leaves. It has a wider base, so it's very stable.

I have a few small glass vases, but the only other larger vases I have are brightly coloured plastic collapsible ones. I'm happy to have found a classier vase.

How adorable is this little mosaic bug that my friend Angie made for me for my birthday?

I really like the crackle effect below the shiny surface.

Sunday was Spring Day, but it's still very cold here. Some of the trees and shrubs in the garden are starting to flower though and I'm looking forward to a bright garden.

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