13 September 2013

Making macadamia nut butter

We've been having fruit salad for breakfast for close to a year now. At first we only had fruit, but I'd get hungry again really soon so we added toasted nuts and seeds. It's usually almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. A few months ago I bought macadamia nut butter for the first time. We were amazed at how sweet it is with no added sugars. We tried it on our fruit salad and were immediately hooked. I can't even imagine eating out fruit salad without it now.

Sometimes we can't find it at the store, so I decided to try making it at home. I roasted the macadamias first. They had a thin oil coating when they came out of the oven and the oil was absorbed by the nuts again when they cooled down. Whenever I read about making nut butters, the instructions tell you to keep blending because it will suddenly turn into a smooth butter. I was about to stop blending and thought I wouldn't getting anything smoother with my little hand blender, but I continued for a few more seconds and the grainy paste suddenly turned into a beautiful smooth glossy butter.

I used 1 cup of nuts and it turned into about 3/4 cup nut butter. It was really good. The taste wasn't as sweet as the one we buy, but the roasted flavour was stronger. On the fruit salad it tasted about the same though. I never liked fruit salad when I was younger, but now I know that I just didn't like the typical fruit salad fruits. My favourite is definitely mango, but strawberries are amazing too. I always use bananas, because it adds the perfect sweet creamy touch. Pineapples are delicious with other fruit too. I don't like papaya alone, but it's great with the right fruit. In summer we also add delicious grapes.

We worked out that the macadamia butter we buy is cheaper than making it ourselves, but I'm looking forward to experimenting with different types of nuts.


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