16 July 2013

Treasure Tuesday #54 (Vintage striped dress)

I've had this dress for more than a year and worn it many times, but somehow never took any photos of it. I bought it at a charity shop in Greyton and it's one of my favourite dresses ever. It reminds me of a nurses uniform, it might even be. These are the last photos I took at our old house.

There are belt loops, but it didn't come with one, so I usually wear it with this striped belt or a thin red one.

I like to pair it with this striped cardigan. I've had it since primary school and rediscovered it a few years back. I wish I'd kept more of my clothes from when I was younger. Even more than that, I wish my mom had kept more of her clothes from when she was younger. If I had a time machine, I'd probably go back and tell her to keep all her clothes for me. At least I do have a few special pieces from her youth.