02 July 2013

Treasure Tuesday # 53 (Grey jacket)

Sandra is taking a break from doing the Thrifty Thursday link-ups, so I'll be doing my Treasure Tuesday posts again. I'm not going to do them every week any more, because I'm buying much less these days and don't want to run out of things to share with you.

I bought this jacket during the summer and it was too hot to even put it on for a photo. I tried one day and I just couldn't do it. Now that it's winter, this is my new favourite jacket. The charity shops around here usually have very nice jackets in stock. I've realised that this one isn't not nearly as warm as I thought it was though. I need a coat for really cold days. It's 100% wool and pretty thin, so it's very comfortable. I really love grey lately and I'm slowly building up my collection of grey clothing pieces.

I'm wearing it with my new red polka dot cardigan here. I've been looking for a red cardigan for the past two   years and it was love at first site with this one. My mom gave me these blue tights last year, but I don't wear them much since the holes make them too cold for winter, but still too hot for summer. Chane suggested that I wear them over another pair of tights and it was the perfect solution. I don't know why I never thought of it.

We're really enjoying our new house and the fact that we live so close to this beautiful view. I only put up the curtains in my studio yesterday. I really want to share some photos of our home, but I think it'll be a few months before it's ready.

PS. I played around with my blog design and layout a bit over the weekend. What do you think?