05 July 2013

Making vegan niter kibbeh

Niter kibbeh is seasoned, clarified butter used in Ethiopian cooking. It smells amazing when you fry food in with this and adds delicate flavour. I've made Vegan Dad's version with margarine before, but decided to try this recipe with oil instead.

It's so easy to make. Just simmer the oil with onion and spices for 50 minutes and then strain it. This mixture smells incredible on the stove and you'll want to cook something with it right away.

I kept the onion and spices after straining the oil. I cooked potatoes in it later.

The turmeric gives the oil a beautiful yellow hue. You can keep the oil in the fridge for months. It's a very versatile ingredient and you can use it for much more than Ethiopian food. Try it with any food that you want to lightly flavour while cooking it.