12 July 2013

Making margarine

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One of the products we stopped buying after finding out about the problems with palm oil is margarine. Very few margarines in South Africa are vegan and the few that are contain palm oil.

Luckily the brilliant Mattie from Vegan Baking created a vegan butter recipe and Karena from Magic Jelly then created a speadable vegan butter based on that.

I've made it a few times and the last batch was the best ever. It's really quick and easy to make. You curdle soy milk and then blend it with oils, soy lecithin and xantham gum. These might sound like strange ingredients, but I found them very easily in my small town.

Usually the vinegar that's used to curdle the soy milk is too strong for me, so I decided to halve it. It worked perfectly and the margarine doesn't have a vinegary taste at all. I also doubled the salt and used a butter flavoured canola oil instead of regular. The oil doesn't really taste like butter, but it's still good and I think it really works here. The final product doesn't taste like butter, but it is a very good margarine.

It's good enough to eat on toast without any other toppings. I recommend this to anyone who's struggling to find vegan margarine or wants to try one with less ingredients.


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